Walking Dead Road to Survival Review

The Walking Dead Road to Survival

It’s time for a review on one of the most played zombie survival games. The game we are going to talk about is Walking Dead Road to Survival. The original story of the series was written by Robert Kirkman and there are plenty of books, games and TV shows made of this single story. No wonder as it is by far the most catching and in-depth zombie story that has been ever written.

Your main goal in Road to Survival, the by far best Walking Dead game is to re-build a city called Woodbury. While doing this you have to complete other tasks as fight attacking zombie hordes. Or collect the materials to complete more buildings and get more residents for your city. To get materials you can either play alone on story missions or go on raids with your faction to get even more supplies.

The Story

In Walking Dead: Road to Survival everything begins in Woodbury shortly before the Governor passed away and the zombie apocalypse take it’s run. So it is up to you and your team to fight back the lost territory and rebuild Woodbury as a main bastion against the zombie apocalypse.

That’s just the main part of the game if you are actually playing it you will see that there is much more to do in Walking Dead Road to Survival. The catching story you are playing through will entertain you better than most other mobile games.

Walking Dead Road to Survival team

Walking Dead: Road to Survival Gameplay

At the beginning you have to team up with a few residents of Woodbury as you would not be able to fight the zombies completely alone. During the game you will meet many other survivors that you may team up with depending on the decisions you take. Sometimes you have the chance to choose between two survivors and fight the one you did not allow to join your team.

What you mainly do during the game is clearing all available stages from the appearing zombies and survivors. These are connected to the story line of the game and with every level you will know more about how the apocalypse started and how to fight all the zombies.

If you want to have the best chances on winning a level you will need to build a custom team for each level. Reason for this is that all characters have a certain trait that either makes it strong and weak against another trait. Try to counter the upcoming traits for dealing maximum damage.

Also be aware of special abilities like dealing damage to multiple enemies at a time and healing themselves or the team. Always try to focus these enemies as they are way more powerful than normal zombies which should be no problem at all.

What to do beside battles

Beside the battles your main job is it to rebuild the town to give all the survivors a save haven. To ensure their safety you have to build many different buildings like material posts, houses, training grounds, farms, storage areas, and workshops.

As you see there are a lot of different buildings available which all require you to invest resources. So you must learn to balance your resources to your needs, that you never run out of them. The levels also get harder over time so you will need to make your team more powerful by upgrading them or their gear. There are a lot of different resources needed to pay for everything and this will require some of your time.

For those of you that do not have enough time to farm all the resources, you might want to try the Walking Dead: Road to Survival hack. By using this little online generator you will become able to generate as many resources as you need.

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