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Walking Dead Road to Survival Review

It’s time for a review on one of the most played zombie survival games. The game we are going to talk about is Walking Dead Road to Survival. The original story of the series was written by Robert Kirkman and there are plenty of books, games and TV shows made of this single story. No wonder as it is by far the most catching and in-depth zombie story that has been ever written.

Your main goal in Road to Survival, the by far best Walking Dead game is to re-build a city called Woodbury. While doing this you have to complete other tasks as fight attacking zombie hordes. Or collect the materials to complete more buildings and get more residents for your city. To get materials you can either play alone on story missions or go on raids with your faction to get even more supplies.

The Story

In Walking Dead: Road to Survival everything begins in Woodbury shortly before the Governor passed away and the zombie apocalypse take it’s run. So it is up to you and your team to fight back the lost territory and rebuild Woodbury as a main bastion against the zombie apocalypse.

That’s just the main part of the game if you are actually playing it you will see that there is much more to do in Walking Dead Road to Survival. The catching story you are playing through will entertain you better than most other mobile games.

Walking Dead Road to Survival team

Walking Dead: Road to Survival Gameplay

At the beginning you have to team up with a few residents of Woodbury as you would not be able to fight the zombies completely alone. During the game you will meet many other survivors that you may team up with depending on the decisions you take. Sometimes you have the chance to choose between two survivors and fight the one you did not allow to join your team.

What you mainly do during the game is clearing all available stages from the appearing zombies and survivors. These are connected to the story line of the game and with every level you will know more about how the apocalypse started and how to fight all the zombies.

If you want to have the best chances on winning a level you will need to build a custom team for each level. Reason for this is that all characters have a certain trait that either makes it strong and weak against another trait. Try to counter the upcoming traits for dealing maximum damage.

Also be aware of special abilities like dealing damage to multiple enemies at a time and healing themselves or the team. Always try to focus these enemies as they are way more powerful than normal zombies which should be no problem at all.

What to do beside battles

Beside the battles your main job is it to rebuild the town to give all the survivors a save haven. To ensure their safety you have to build many different buildings like material posts, houses, training grounds, farms, storage areas, and workshops.

As you see there are a lot of different buildings available which all require you to invest resources. So you must learn to balance your resources to your needs, that you never run out of them. The levels also get harder over time so you will need to make your team more powerful by upgrading them or their gear. There are a lot of different resources needed to pay for everything and this will require some of your time.

For those of you that do not have enough time to farm all the resources, you might want to try the Walking Dead: Road to Survival hack. By using this little online generator you will become able to generate as many resources as you need.

Best Hidden Object games

All of you who love mystery games where you have to mainly locate hidden objects, you have come to the right place. We have played several of these mystery games and wanted to share the ones that we enjoyed the most. There are dozens of different games available to download on the Play- and App- Store. Mostly they also include a story line to bind you even more to the game.

Criminal Case

Is one of the most downloaded crime games of all time. During the game you have to solve hundreds of different cases looking for objects that may be connected to the crime. You can purchase many different helps in Criminal Case but you might need to invest some cash if you can not solve the crimes by yourself. If you are into crime solving Criminal Case is definitely worth a try and you should have it on your smartphone.

The Secret Society

In Secret Society you have to solve more than 2500 quests in over 35 different locations which makes the game fun over a long period of time. You might discover some people with magical powers that got the ability to travel between worlds. During the game you will also find out that your uncle has access to these powers has he is also an elite member. At the beginning of the mystery your uncle is disappeared and you try to find him. To solve this mystery you

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows

hidden city mystery of shadows
The next game on our list is Hidden City Mystery of Shadows. In this free-to-play game you have to play through over 1300 different levels. During this you explore every part of the city. To keep you entertained for longer time you also have the chance to play a few mini-games when you have enough from finding objects for the moment.

As the game can be very challenging you can feel free to generate yourself a few resources using the Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows hack. It is completely free to use for all of you and gives you enough resources to get the help that you need to solve all the different mysteries.

CSI: Hidden Crimes

csi hidden crimes
This is the perfect mystery game for all of you who always wanted to be a real CSI agent. As in CSI: Hidden Crimes you are playing a agent that needs to investigate many different crime scenes and find all the objects that help you to solve the case. While playing through all the cases you can unlock several different achievements which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father CE

This game takes you back to the 19th century and the mystery of your missing bride begins as she gets kidnapped by faceless creatures. Once you reached the mysterious town where they might have brought here you begin your search for her. On your search you have to solve very challenging puzzles, meet interesting characters and find useful object.

The best Star Wars mobile games!

Star Wars is one of the most popular media franchise of all time. There are loads of books, movies, TV series, video games and even more stuff for merchandise. We are concentrating on just the games for now but also only the ones that are available for your smartphones. So if you are interested in playing a few good Star Wars game keep on reading!

Star Wars Tiny Death Star

Star Wars Tiny Death Star is the perfect game for in between as you need a lot of patience during the game. As long as you are not willing to spend cash on the game. Your goal is it to build and expand the Death Star. Mainly you are using so called Bitizen’s to run business within the Death Star that you need to attract during the game.

Worldwide release for Star Wars Tiny Death Star was on November 8, 2013 for iOS, Android but also all other devices. On October 2014 the game was deleted from the Appstore but Android users can still install it from untrusted source but you should be careful with this option as it can harm your device.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

This was and is one of the best Star Wars games that has been ever made. It’s brilliant story that changes with every of your decisions keep the single player fun over a long time frame. You can expect to have at least 20-40 hours play time depending on how fast you go through the game. The story of Star Wars K.O.T.O.R. play long before episode one.

As I already played Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic back when it was released I can say that the mobile version is bringing back the magic of the game. They haven’t missed anything and the controls also work pretty good so the game can still be seen as one of the best Star Wars games ever. In-app purchases are not included in this game and for a price of 4,99$ you are getting the full version of KOTOR.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is the first multiplayer game we talk about as you have the option to play against online players as well. It’s one of the many free Star Wars games that can be found on the Appstore but it is definitely the best of them.

In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes you have to collect characters of the Star Wars universe and use them to fight Story levels or face multiplayer fights. Over time when new characters get released the balance of the game might change so you may need to swap a few team members. Fighting mechanics could be a little faster as the turn-based style slows down everything a little too much for my taste. Nevertheless Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a perfect game for in-between if you need to kill a few minutes.

Note: It can take you some time until you get the needed amount of crystals that you need to collect to unlock a certain character. If you are interested in cheats you may use the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats to generate your crystals.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

LEGO Star Wars first part was released on PS2 back in the year 2005 and it was the beginning of a great LEGO series. Sadly the Android versions differ a lot from the console releases. Nevertheless you can have a great time playing LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga. As there are a lot of different characters and vehicles to unlock. In general you can say that you are going to play through every high fight that you know from the Star Wars movies.