Best Hidden Object games

best hidden object games

All of you who love mystery games where you have to mainly locate hidden objects, you have come to the right place. We have played several of these mystery games and wanted to share the ones that we enjoyed the most. There are dozens of different games available to download on the Play- and App- Store. Mostly they also include a story line to bind you even more to the game.

Criminal Case

Is one of the most downloaded crime games of all time. During the game you have to solve hundreds of different cases looking for objects that may be connected to the crime. You can purchase many different helps in Criminal Case but you might need to invest some cash if you can not solve the crimes by yourself. If you are into crime solving Criminal Case is definitely worth a try and you should have it on your smartphone.

The Secret Society

In Secret Society you have to solve more than 2500 quests in over 35 different locations which makes the game fun over a long period of time. You might discover some people with magical powers that got the ability to travel between worlds. During the game you will also find out that your uncle has access to these powers has he is also an elite member. At the beginning of the mystery your uncle is disappeared and you try to find him. To solve this mystery you

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows

hidden city mystery of shadows
The next game on our list is Hidden City Mystery of Shadows. In this free-to-play game you have to play through over 1300 different levels. During this you explore every part of the city. To keep you entertained for longer time you also have the chance to play a few mini-games when you have enough from finding objects for the moment.

As the game can be very challenging you can feel free to generate yourself a few resources using the Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows hack. It is completely free to use for all of you and gives you enough resources to get the help that you need to solve all the different mysteries.

CSI: Hidden Crimes

csi hidden crimes
This is the perfect mystery game for all of you who always wanted to be a real CSI agent. As in CSI: Hidden Crimes you are playing a agent that needs to investigate many different crime scenes and find all the objects that help you to solve the case. While playing through all the cases you can unlock several different achievements which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father CE

This game takes you back to the 19th century and the mystery of your missing bride begins as she gets kidnapped by faceless creatures. Once you reached the mysterious town where they might have brought here you begin your search for her. On your search you have to solve very challenging puzzles, meet interesting characters and find useful object.

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