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The Crowned
HellRail This Page Last Modified
10/05/2000 10:11:47 AM

[HellRail: 2nd Perdition]
     HellRail FAQ
     HellRail Variants

     Released:15 Nov 1999
     Price: (US)$14.95
     Availability: 2nd printing available through Funagain Games

     Format: Board/card game hybrid
     Genre: Literary Extrapolation
     Players: 3 - 4
     Play Time: 60 - 90 minutes
     Predecessor: HellRail 1st Edition

     45 Rail cards (one-color, playing card stock)
     10 Circle cards (one-color, index stock)
       4 Engine Cards (one-color, index stock)
       4 Pewter engine game pieces (12mm)
       4 Heresy Chips
       2 Boatman Tickets
       1 Six-sided die
       1 Rules chapbook

     Set in an Inferno that has achieved steam power, 3 to 4 engineers compete to deliver passenger cars laden with damned souls. Starting with only Circles (stations), players add rail cards to connect them while delivering cars to their designated Circles. Along the way, Circle Effects can be activated to cause the heinous torment your opponents deserve.

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Designer Notes
     HellRail: 2nd Perdition started out to be merely a second printing of the original HellRail. But the longer I looked at it, the more things I saw that needed some attention. So I took the original game that Chris Young, Sandie Richardson, and I had designed, and made change after change until the beast really hummed. What's left is akin to first edition only on a very basic level.
     Although some players enjoyed the ability (in first edition) to sit on Circles until they had a good use for them, this left other players with no immediate focus until the Circles started to appear. I fixed this in HR2P by placing all Circles on the table as part of the setup. This makes for a much quicker start and more decisions to make early on.
     In first edition, there was a distinct possiblity that one or two players might end up with all or most of the Damnations, offering them an unfair advantage. To solve this in HR2P, these opponent bashing mechanisms were moved onto Circles so that all players have all effects available to them at all times, provided they can get to them.
     Finally, by making the card flow, scoring and movement each require expenditure of rail cards, many new decisions have been introduced, making the game far more challenging and engaging. To complement the redesign, I worked closely with graphics master Paul Shope (his fabulous cover shown above) to unify the appearance of the game for a more professional and appealing look.

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