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HellRail: 2nd Perdition FAQ posted (29 Feb 2000)
     We have posted a few clarifications on the HR2P FAQ v1.0 page. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email them to support@galloglassgames.com

HellRail: 2nd Perdition Summarized (1 Feb 2000)
     Mik Svellov has written up a very accurate and comprehensive summary of play for HR2P at his fantabulous game site, Brett & Board. The article includes excellent photos. Thanks, Mik!

HellRail: 2nd Perdition RELEASED! (15 Nov 1999)
     Oh, yes. Not only has this fan-demanded edition finally been released, we kept the price down to an ultra-affordable (US)$15. Learn more about HR2P. Then, order it.

By the way, for star wars, walking dead, and marvel comic games fans, there are also many branded online slots that are worth a try too.

1999 National Champions (12 Aug 1999)
     Congratulations to our 1999 National Champions, each determined by two-round tournaments at GenCon 99:
1999 HellRail National Champion - Nate Bruinooge
1999 Fimbulvetr National Champion - Daniel Hartsig

Fimbulvetr Comparison Chart (6 Jul 1999)
     To understand what makes Fimbulvetr unique, have a look at our new Fimbulvetr Comparison chart, showing differences and similarities with Chess and Zoon.

Online Store Now Open (25 Feb 1999)
     Our Online Store is now open, including online shopping carts, credit card processing and retailer packs.

Visit Gael Farce Games
     Try Gael Farce Games for some gratis game rules.

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